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This page has been designed to give interested parties more information on the annual AMICA (Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Association) convention for 2001. AMICA Conventions are for members only. If you have an interest in mechanical music in any of it's many forms check out the membership benefits at the AMICA Home Page The AMICA 2001 convention is to be held in Melbourne Australia over the period Mon 19th Feb to Sun 25th Feb 2001. This will only be the third time that the AMICA has travelled outside the United States for our Convention.

The convention will now start a day earlier. We have included a trip on Puffing Billy, the restored steam train through typical Australian countryside to our local wildlife sanctuary on Monday the 19th. This will assist our International visitors in recovering from JET LAG, and will also provide an opportunity to see some of Australia's truly unique wildlife.

Your committee is hard at work to make this a memorable convention for you. We have a tentative program in place which includes.....

A viewing of Australia's oldest known mechanical music.....
A special performance for AMICAns in Australia's oldest continuously operating theatre.....
Workshops and tours that will feature uniquely Australian contributions to music.....
A visit to the famous Percy Grainger Museum.....
Home visits to local Melbourne collections.....

Thanks to the generosity of Craig Robson we have been able to arrange an optional post convention trip to visit his museum in Sydney, one of the the largest and most comprehensive collections of mechanical music in the southern hemisphere. The collection includes magnificent examples of Dance, Fairground, Band and Street organs plus orchestrions etc... as well as the one and only fabulous TAJ MAHAL.

We are limited by one venue to approx 150 people and to help us with our planning we will be seeking early registrations for the convention. Unfortunately at this stage costs are not yet finalised, but we are aiming to achieve lower costs than the London Convention (even though it will be six years later). Included on the Links Page is a handy Currency Converter to enable you to calculate the convertion of your local currency into Australian Dollars.

For further information please contact your chapter secretary for a loan of the early bird information pack which we will be providing each chapter, or you can contact us direct at any of the contact points below, but please remember the time difference if calling by phone.

The annual AMICA convention for 2000 is to be held in Sacramento, California. For more information follow the Hyper LinkSacramento 2000 to thier site.
Snail Mail Co-Chairmen John and Jan Ham 56 Crombie Road
Macedon Vic 3440
Committee Steve Rattle
John Ryan
Ian Savins (Sydney)
Phone: 61 354 261476 ***Please remember the time difference***
Fax: 61 354 261476
E-Mail John Ham

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