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55th annual - AMICA CONVENTION
BLACK HILLS - South Dakota
June 3 - 8, 2018

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AMICA 2010 Convention, Buffalo, NY

The 2010 AMICA Convention will be in Buffalo, New York from July 7th through July 11th. Although our area does not have large collections of musical instruments to see, we do have a wide variety of exciting venues to visit.

Click here to print the Registration Form (cut off-date is June-14).
Click here to see a preliminary slide-show of the planned events.


There are numerous airlines connected with the Buffalo International Airport. We are attempting to obtain ticket discounts for you.

Transportation from the terminal to the hotel can be obtained through the following choices:

  1. The Independent Taxi Association (ITA) Shuttle (716-633-8318) offers a shuttle service from the airport to the Hyatt. They run from 7am to 10pm every day. They also leave on the hour. One way to the Hyatt is $18.00 per person, $36.00 per person round trip. To get to the shuttle, go out the Baggage Claim doors, cross the street and go to the gray taxi booth on the left. They may also offer multiple person discounts.

  2. The Airport Taxi Service 1-800-551-9369, 716-633-8294 offers shuttle service to the Hyatt. It runs from 6am to Midnight every day. They leave the airport at the top of the hour. One way to the Hyatt is $18.00 per person, $36.00 per person round trip. Three to five people get a discount rate. They are located in the Baggage Claim area of the airport, right next to the ATM machine.

  3. The Hyatt shuttle serves the airline industry and its times are less rigid. The cost of a trip to the hotel is $15 per person. Contact the Hyatt possibly one or two weeks in advance of their arrival in Buffalo to see if the Hyatt shuttle would be available to transport you directly to the Hyatt hotel. 716-856-1234.

  4. The The Niagara Frontier Transit Authority (NFTA) provides the Short Express. It runs every half hour from 6:30 am to 5:15 pm and its first stop is at the Hyatt. The cost is $2.05 one way. There is also another NFTA bus that runs into Buffalo from the airport. The cost is the same, but it is a full sized bus and there may not be as much room for luggage (Use the website's "Trip Planner" function to see specifics).

  • #204 runs 6:16 am - 5:10 pm express route - stops behind hotel on Pearl St.

  • #24 Genesee runs 5:38 am - 12:10 am local route - stops at Electric Bldg. across Main St. from hotel.

Rental cars and other cabs are also available from airport vendors.

The Hyatt Regency Buffalo
~~ Cut-Off Date: June-6 for the Special Convention Rate ~~
... at 2 Fountain Plaza in Buffalo, NY 14202 is our host during the 2010 AMICA Convention. It has just undergone a $15 Million renovation to serve you better with improved amenities.
Located in Buffalo’s Theatre District, it is central to all venues in the area.

 A special convention rate is $105 per night. You may contact the hotel locally at 716-856-1234 or 1-800-233-1234. When booking your reservation by phone, please use the code “MUSI” to obtain the special convention rate. If you book your reservation on-line, please use the code “G-MUSI” in the Corporate/Group # box (not the Special Rate box) to obtain our special rate.

Wednesday, July 7th
Although the Board has its meeting during the day, there will be an option for those not engaged at the Board Meeting. There will be an architectural tour given, probably twice during the day, that will visit the Observation Deck of Buffalo City Hall and various churches and other buildings in the Downtown area. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Buffalo was a vibrant, growing city and many prominent architects erected buildings that are today considered masterpieces. Stained Glass murals and brief organ recitals will highlight the tours. Come and experience these wonders with us. Some walking and “subway” riding is required.

After dinner on your own, an entertainment is planned that will be entertaining and educational. This is not to be missed.

Bob Berkman will be doing a performance on Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm. Bob has included a picture and bio. The second act which will be on at 8:00 pm, are the Klezmer Players, a local group of enthusiasts from the University of Buffalo, who play a wide variety of Klezmer music, including great Tangos!

Thursday, July 8th
After our welcoming breakfast, our guests will board buses on a “Southtowns” Tour. Along the way we will stop at:

The Darwin Martin Complex - This is the only multi-building residential complex ever designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It has been lovingly restored over the past fifteen years and has now been returned to its original beauty as conceived by the master architect.

The Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society - The only remaining building from the 1901 Pan-American Exposition held in Buffalo, New York. The museum, which holds much memorabilia from Buffalo's earlier years, also has an Aeolian player pipe organ that was originally installed in one of the more affluent homes of the Queen City. A short concert will be held in the auditorium to demonstrate the organ's capabilities.

The Pierce-Arrow Museum - One of the more recent offerings in Buffalo, the Pierce-Arrow Museum displays a collection of automobiles manufactured in Buffalo by the prominent turn of the century company. The Pierce-Arrow was said to be the most expensive automobile produced during that time period and is today one of the more collectible antique automobiles in the world.

The Roycroft Campus - Founded by Elbert Hubbard in East Aurora at the turn of the century, this was a gathering of artisans and craftsmen who eschewed the mechanics of the industrial world by producing hand crafted items of great beauty and style. The campus is much the way it had been originally and a tour through its buildings will bring one closer to a lifestyle much slower and more "genuine". Lunch will be served at the Roycroft Inn.

Vidler’s Store – is one of the last remaining Five & Dimes in the country. Stepping through their doorway is like walking back in time to an age of simplicity. Wooden floors, gumball machines, brass cash registers and smiling faces welcome each customer. A place you must experience.

Once you have returned to the hotel, you will have the opportunity to explore some of Buffalo’s eateries. Over fifty restaurants are in the Downtown Buffalo area and many may be visited on foot or by hopping onto the free above ground “subway”.

If you take a while to dine, when you come back to the hotel you will find that the Mart will be ready to open around 7:00 pm. You can take your time and browse at your leisure. The Hospitality Suite will also be open.

Friday, July 9th

Breakfast will be on your own. Workshops will be held after breakfast and we have lined up the following:

  1. Bob Taylor will give an illustrative talk on REAL Ampico coding. This is not just about 2,4,6,7 and crescendos! Learn from the expert!
  2. Herb Lindahl will give a wonderful presentation of player piano rebuilding with a hands-on approach.
  3. Spencer Chase will demonstrate the art and techniques of printing words on a roll using the same disc for operating the perforator and driving the printer.
  4. Felix Klempka will be reminiscing on his career at QRS in a personal frame of reference. He did work with many of the artists in the Celebrity Series and might well have some interesting stories to tell.
  5. Ray Dietz will be demonstrating his roll and box repairing techniques that he has developed over the years.
  6. Liz Barnhart will have her annual cross-stitch class for those inclined to the gentler arts.
  7. Members of the South Towns Quilters Group will show and talk about quilts.

And…all the time that the Workshops are being held, there will be an Open House in the Hospitality Suite so that Western New Yorkers and folks from Ontario can experience Automatic Musical Instruments up close and personal. We are hoping to have media coverage of this event.

After all of the excitement of the morning, everyone can take a short breather and get some lunch on their own. At 1:00 pm will be departing for Niagara Falls. Depending on individual choices, there will be stops at major Niagara Falls venues. There are planned stops for:

The Maid of the Mist – This is a boat ride on the lower Niagara River to the base of the Horseshoe Falls. You really get to experience the awesome power of the Niagara River from this viewpoint. There is the probability of your getting a bit damp, but you are given a plastic slicker to wear.

Cave of the Winds – This is an opportunity to get up close and personal with the falls. You walk alongside of the Bridal Veil Falls on stairs and landings for different viewpoints of the falls. It’s great for photographers. You will get wet and lockers are available to place valuables ( I believe).

Trolley Car ride – If you would like a more relaxed time at the Falls, you can take a Trolley Ride around the grounds of the park. The ride has stops at different areas and you can disembark at an area, look around and hop on the next trolley that comes around in about 20 minutes. The ride has a conductor that points out areas of interest for the riders.

Seneca Niagara Casino – For all the gaming fans, the casino offers a complete compliment of gaming tables and machines. A special bus will be going directly to the casino and each rider will be given a $20 credit and a $5 voucher toward your dinner.

For those more adventurous, you can walk around the park on your own or leisurely walk toward our rendezvous place for dinner, the Seneca Niagara Casino.

Dinner will be at the Seneca Niagara Casino at approximately 5:00 pm. The casino has six restaurants and you can dine with friends at any one of the restaurants. In each registration packet there will be $25 to spend on food or whatever while you are there.

At approximately 7:00 pm we will travel back to Buffalo and be dropped off at Shea’s Buffalo theatre. Once inside this fantastically restored building, we can listen to a special artcase Wurlitzer Apollo Grand Piano in the lobby, especially built for Shea’s when it was opened in 1926 and then we can sit back and relax in the theatre itself and be entertained by Dennis James, a prominent theatre organist, who will demonstrate his prowess on the four manual, 21 rank Wurlitzer Pipe Organ accompanying a silent film or two.

After the concert is over we can walk a short distance back to the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Saturday, July 10th

After such an exciting day on Friday we will take it somewhat easy on Saturday morning.
A light breakfast may be in order.

A morning entertainment is in the works but hasn’t been confirmed yet.

At 10 am we are scheduled to experience one of the great festivals of the US. Two short blocks away from the hotel’s main door is “The Taste of Buffalo”. This is the second largest food festival in the country. At least 60 restaurants and wineries set up shop for two days offering their best and most exciting foods from their menus. There will be foods from many different countries and parts of our country. Everyone will receive $10 in tickets to spend on a variety of foods. Additional tickets can be purchased at each end of the festival.

(Click HERE to see a YouTube video advertisement for the "Taste of Buffalo".)

At about 2:00 pm we will have the Pumper Contest. All are encouraged to participate in this year’s contest. I hear that there are going to be some “sleepers” waking up the Hospitality Suite. Bring a great piano roll and pump off a few calories.

After the Pumper Contest is over and the Footsie has been awarded to the deserving winner, there will be a couple hours to rest and relax.

At about 6:30 pm people can start heading for the Banquet Room where will be a cash bar. The Banquet starts at about 7:30 pm and we will listen to the music of The Pyramid Band. We welcome you to wear a period costume for this evening.

Sunday, July 11th
A not-quite closing breakfast and business meeting will take place around 8:00am.

After the business meeting is over, those people not staying another night will have an opportunity to check out and store luggage at the check out desk.

At 11:00 am we will board our buses and take a short trip out to North Tonawanda to experience the first-ever Band Organ Rally on Wurlitzer Factory grounds. Members of the COAA (Carousel Organ Association of America) have been invited to have a Band Organ Rally on Wurlitzer grounds for Saturday and Sunday. During this afternoon we will have the opportunity to go to the Herschell-Spillman Carrousel Museum, listen to a talk by Jeff Weiler on the History of the Wurlitzer Company in North Tonawanda, or just plain listen to Band Organs. We are hoping for approximately 30 instruments to be playing for the weekend.

In the late afternoon, we will take our buses back to the Hyatt where the Hospitality Suite will be open for the last time.

Monday, July 12th

On Monday, July 12th, there are currently four open houses scheduled to take place after the AMICA Convention in Buffalo, New York. From East to West:

  • Pittsford, NY. Has an extensive collection of music boxes, a Wurlitzer Harp, a Mills Violano, barrel organs of various sizes and other wondrous "stuff".
  • Lancaster, NY. Has a variety of Wurlitzer Golden Age Jukes, the Chickering Ampico B from the Hospitality Suite, a newly acquired Seeburg E Nickelodeon and a bunch of other "toys".
  • Hamburg, NY. Has an Arburo Dance Organ, Coinola Nickelodeon, Reproduco Player Organ, Wurlitzer Band Organ, Orchestrelle, Ampico grands, Jukeboxes, slots.
  • Erie, PA. Jukeboxes that are working are the Scopitone, the 1015, the trashcan, possibly the Music Mite, some 60s jukeboxes including one that plays cassettes, one that plays cds, and a few that play 45s.   Also have working pinball machine, bowling machine, cocktail table video games, bartop video game, old arcade shooting gallery, arcade Bull Strength machine,  a singing and talking Elvis that looks and sounds real (really spooky too), numerous Elvis and Beatles memorabilia, autographs and pictures of recording artists we have seen at oldies shows, puzzles depicting highlights of the 50s, 60s and 70s, a display of Buffalo and Niagara Falls memorabilia, two antique cars in the garage and lots and lots of other collectible stuff - too much to list more.
  • Rochester, New York - 146 Wurltizer Band Organ – 1928, Haupt Barrel operated Band Organ – circa 1910, DeKleist Barrel operated Carousel Organ – circa 1880, Reiterating Barrel Piano, Barcelona Barrel Piano, Hicks Barrel Piano, Favencia Toy Barrel Piano, Deinst Barrel Operated Nickelodion, Italian Barrel Piano, 23 note Molinari’s Barrel Organ, HS Taylor B. Organ, Fratti B Organ, Astor Parlor Organ, Flute Clock Organs, Cob Reed Organ, Regina 26” Disc Music Box, Columbia Cylinder Music Box, The Whistler, Birdcage, Ampico B Chickering Grand, Upright Player playing Marr and Colton Organ along with a Carillon, Working Folk Art Carousel Model, Numerous monkey organ related items, Restored 1896 Victorian Farm House with cascading waterfalls, Outdoor children’s ride on 7.5” gauge train, Antique Kitchen Crank Operated Accessories


Do you want to explore Buffalo during your visit?

The Museum Education Consortium web site provides links to twelve important cultural destinations in the city of Buffalo. 
This web site can provide "one-stop shopping" for ideas on what else there is to do and see.



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