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55th annual - AMICA CONVENTION
BLACK HILLS - South Dakota
June 3 - 8, 2018

          Encyclopedia of Disc Music Boxes 1881 - 1920
       A History,
          Catalog Raisonné,
                and Appreciation.
                    By Q. David Bowers
       An AMICA-International Publication

Other Instruments in the Collection
These are some of the other coin pianos, orchestrions and band-organs in the Bovey Collection in Virginia City and Nevada City, Montana.

Photos taken by Art Reblitz in June 2001

Seeburg L #163,424, made in 1926; Nevada City Hotel lobby.“Butterfly Organ,” possibly a Frati, circa 1900. Nevada City Music Hall; from B.A.B. hoard.38. Cremona style 3 coin piano #121,649, made in 1912; N.C. Music Hall. Charlie Bovey’s first coin piano.

Seeburg KT with xylophone #163,183, made in 1926. Restored by AMICAN Mike Edwards after this photo was taken.Wurlitzer style 103 band organ #3,995, circa 1928; N.C. Music Hall.Wurlitzer style 150 band organ #2,741, made in 1920; N.C. Music Hall.

54-keyless “Unpainted Organ.” Originally a barrel organ, with façade possibly made by Bruder. N.C. Music Hall; from B.A.B. hoard.Seeburg K #75,783, made in 1917 with eagle motif art glass; Bale of Hay Saloon, Virginia City.Story & Clark reed organ, circa 1905, playing 10-tune A rolls; N.C. Music Hall.

Cremona style G coin piano #10,836 with flute pipes, made in 1914; V.C. Opera House lobby.Wurlitzer 180 band organ #4,182, made in 1929. Original case, bass and accompaniment pipes (which have been unmitered!) & chest, center melody pipes & chest, stack, reservoir, duplex roll mechanism & drive and blower, with brass pipes added by Ozzie Wurdeman. N.C. Music Hall.Seeburg K #61,954, made in 1915 with flute pipes and “three dancing girls” motif art glass; Wells Fargo Coffee House, V.C.

89-key Gavioli fairground organ, circa 1905-1910. N.C. Music Hall; from B.A.B. hoard.Sedman House, Nevada City.Fairweather Inn, Virginia City. Guests rooms are furnished with authentic Victorian furniture.

Regina Sublima Style 304 with front removed, circa 1910; N.C. Music Hall.Peerless 44 coin piano #6,294 with front removed, circa 1915; N.C. Music Hall.Mills Violano #2,401, circa 1923; N.C. Music Hall.

Fred Dolle band organ (probably a Gavioli made c. early 1900s); N.C. Music Hall, from B.A.B. hoard.Wurlitzer flat-front Pianino #72,102, made in 1925; N.C. Music Hall.Gavioli fairground organ converted to play 66-keyless B.A.B. rolls; N.C. Music Hall, from B.A.B. hoard.

Frati barrel organ sold by John Muzzio; McFarland Curatorial Center.Mills Deluxe Violano #3,395, made in 1926; Wells Fargo Coffee Shop, Virginia City.Wurlitzer Automatic Harp; Wells Fargo Coffee Shop, Virginia City.

Cremona Photoplayer left side cabinet.Cremona Photoplayer #11,487, made circa 1915. Virginia City Opera House orchestra pit.Cremona Photoplayer right side cabinet.

Regina 27” disc music box #21,601.Molinari barrel piano with mandoline mechanism; Molinari shop, N.C.Music arranging drum; Molinari shop, N.C.

Brass pipes; Molinari shop, N.C.Barrel pinning frame; Molinari shop, N.C.Pipe making clamp; Molinari shop, N.C.

Machine for making barrel organ staples automatically; Molinari shop, N.C.Workbench; Molinari shop, N.C.Casting patterns; Molinari shop, N.C.

Incomplete Molinari barrel organ; Molinari shop, N.C.Interior of incomplete Molinari barrel organ; Molinari shop, N.C.

Remaining inventory of unsold B.A.B. music rolls; Molinari shop, N.C.


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