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AMICA Bulletin Companion Audio/Video Files
AMICA Bulletin articles reference, audio/video companion files
Look for the movie/gramophone icons in the bulletins and then check here!

The Frank Himpsl Collection of MIDI Files
A large collection of midi files -- NOW over 1400 1650 -- for automated piano or just great listening

Mechanical Music Literature, Terry Smythe et al.
A vast collection --over 1200-- of music trade publications

Standard Player Monthly, Ampico, Tuner's Journel, Music Trade Review, The Music Trades, and MUCH more! 

(members and non-members can click on any image to read complete publication)

AMICA Bulletins
Every AMICA Bulletin ever published -- over 400! -- dating back to 1964

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The Billing's Rollography
A huge Rollography featuring; QRS, Recordo, Solo-Carola Rolls, Tel-Electric, 1916-1994

(members and non-members can click on any image to view full size) 

The AMICA Technicalities
AMICA Bulletin Technical Articles in 7 volumes -- over 400! -- 1969-2005

(members and non-members can click on any image to view pdf index file) 

Past Conventions and Events Historic Audio and Video Clips
(members ONLY, but non-members can view most all of these clips on the AMICA YouTube Channel)

AMICA Annual Meeting Minutes/Reports

How to Submit ...
See the Publications section for information on how to submit Articles, Reports or
Original Literature for publication.
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Special Offer for Members Only:

Encyclopedia of American Organettes
1870s - 1910s
History, Catalog, Raisonné, and Appreciation

An AMICA Publication for 2019 By "Q. David Bowers"
Members price, $49.95 + $6.00 postage Continental US
(For non-USA orders, contact AMICA Vice President)
For a printable advertisement with ordering information, click

I am pleased to announce that our resident AMICA author, Q. David Bowers, has contributed another of the “Encyclopedia” series, this time all about American organettes. This is a wonderful book that should be in all members’ collection. It is very high quality hard back, some 325+ pages, and some 1,000+ images, many in glorious color. A fine presentation on your favorite coffee table.

The book is a great example what of emerges from research, something all AMICAs will be pleased with. It contains 33 chapters, embracing their history, observations about collecting, and an in-depth review of 29 American manufacturers. Many previously undocumented surprises emerge. Kevin McElhone in the UK, an author in his own right, has made numerous contributions towards publication of this book. He comments in his Foreword– “I hope any reader ofthis new book will have their imagination inspired to find out more and perhaps even to start collecting these interesting early automatic musical instruments.” While I did the layout of the book, in preparation for printing, I was delighted that AMICAns Mike Walter and Joel Clusky, stepped in to complete the project and bring it to life in its full glory! Very much appreciated.

The book is now available to members at an introductory price of $49.95 + $6 postage (continental US), valid until the initial print run is sold out. Purchase may be made by personal check or bank money order, made payable to AMICA International, mailed to Project Coordinator, Mike Walter. When the initial print run is sold out, the book will be printed within the “Print On Demand” concept, at a price of $79.95 + postage (US) from our Publishing House (Book Baby). Notice of this will appear within a future issue of our AMICA Bulletin, and within our Facebook page. All are encouraged to take advantage of this initial favorable introductory price.

   Terry Smythe



Encyclopedia of Disc Music Boxes
1881 - 1920
A History, Catalog Raisonné, and Appreciation

Click on image for preview

An AMICA Publication for 2017 By "Q. David Bowers"
     Members price, $75.00 Continental US
(For non-USA orders, contact AMICA Treasurer)
For a printable order form click

Consistent within AMICA's stated objective of " ... educating the public about the historical and cultural significance of automatic musical instruments.", AMICA is about to publish a new book Encyclopedia of Disc Music Boxes, authored by the elder statesman, Q. David Bowers. This book is of equal magnitude and importance to David's earlier monumental Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments, published in 1972, which is still an excellent reference.

This high-quality book, with 43 chapters, 715 pages and some 1 ,600+ images, is a "must have" book for all AMICAns and others sharing an interest in disc music boxes. A classic coffee table type book to be prominently displayed in members' homes, it is certain to provoke interest in automatic musical instruments, and enhance membership numbers. After many years of gathering new information, David has skillfully traced the origins and development of disc music boxes from the 1880's to the early 1920's. This book contains information about disc-type music boxes made in Germany, Switzerland, America, and a few other places, much of which is new information not previously published. Each company has its own chapter, beginning with its history, publicity and news as reflected in German and American trade papers and elsewhere, followed by a listing of models in order by disc sizes, original catalogue illustrations, specifications, and other rarely found information. Throughout is a "gallery" of full color photographs showing examples from private collections and museums around the world.

Members are encouraged to participate in this outstanding offering. Non-members may take advantage of this offer if they join AMICA, where they will also enjoy reduced prices for future books planned for release.

  Terry Smythe





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