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Next AMICA Convention:
Los Angeles, California
July 1 - 6, 2024

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Our Annual Convention



AMICA holds conventions annually, around the united States and occasionally around the world.  Convention activities usually include tours of local sites related to mechanical music, live concerts, technical workshops, a piano pumping competition, a banquet and tours of private collections.

Technical Sessions    
Technical Session - How to properly repair pneumatics The conventions feature one day filled with technical sessions designed to teach the enthusiast how to repair, restore elements of mechanical instruments.
Here are some past Technical Topics: Electronic Reproduction of Original Rolls, Four Different Duo-Art Fan Expression Systems, Perforators, Pneumatic Valve Restoration, The Bleed, Pouch, Valve, Pneumatic Relationship, Ampico Code Decoding, etc.
A Roll Scanner by Spencer Chase

The Mart    

For a small fee, attendees can purchase a table at the MART, where at an appointed time you may sell your collectables and wares to the convention attendees. It's a great way to pick up that book or roll you need!


Tour the Local Area    
Whatever city we're in, there's always a day set aside for an extensive sight-seeing trip by bus, to pre-determined attractions germane to our group. Everyone come back with their cameras full and TIRED! There are other opportunities to see attractions within walking distance.

The "Pumper" Contest    
Contestants sign up to bring in their favorite piano roll, and play it on a foot-impelled player-piano in front of the audience and 3-5 judges. The winning performance (See the official Judging Guidelines) wins the right to bring home the "Golden Footsie" award for one year.  See the past years winners below.

The Hospitality Room    
A general meeting place for all attendees, it is the focus of information, refreshment, and contains several player pianos and other automatic instruments which may be freely used.

Farewell Dinner    
The last evening together, we have a "dress up" (formal or costume) dinner with formal service. A Jazz band provides period music during dinner and after for dancing into the night. 

Open Houses    
Convention "go-ers" who can stay after the Sunday breakfast are encouraged to come to local member's homes and see their collections. A listing of the homes and their contents are posted at the convention, and transportation is provided. Plan to stay an extra day to see what treasures others have - or, hop a shuttle from there to the airport.

Past Conventions



Highlights, Flyers, Forms, Phtos, Clips, Convention Roll, Table Favors, etceteras...

2026 Princeton, New Jersey dates and details to follow
2025 Chicago, Illinois dates and details to follow
June 30 - July 6
Los Angeles, California

Forms: Convention Information And Registration Form
Promotion Video

July 16-23

New Orleans, Louisiana

Highlights: AMICA 2023 Convention Highlights
Schedule, Convention_Registration Reg form, Convention_Mart Registration form, Convention Pumper Contest Form
Promotion Video

Aug. 31 -Sep 5

San Francisco Bay, California

Highlights: AMICA 2022 Convention Highlights
Registration and Schedule, Convention_Registration Reg form, Convention_Registration Schedule, Convention_Tour_descriptions, Convention_Registration mart form
Promotion Video

2021 Cancelled  
September 2-7
San Francisco Bay, California

Forms: AMICA_2020_Convention_Cancellation_Notice, AMICA_2020_Convention_Preview, Registration Materials Delayed

July 7-9
Seattle, Washington

Highlights: AMICA 2019 Convention Highlights
Forms: Flyer, Registration, Article nov/dec 2019
Promotion Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umM0JZQsbFo

June 6-8
Rapid City, South Dakota

Highlights: AMICA 2018 Convention Highlights
Forms: Registration
Website: Rapid City, SD - 2018
Promotion Video

August 8-13
Winnipeg-Manitoba, Canada

Highlights: AMICA 2017 Convention Highlights
Forms: Flyer, Registration
Website: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 2017
Table Favor: Book:
The Hermetic Code

August 2-7
Princeton, NJ

Highlights: AMICA 2016 Convention Highlights
Forms: Registration
Website: Princeton, NJ - 2016

August 5-9
Denver, Colorado

Highlights: AMICA 2015 Convention Highlights
Forms: Registration
Website: Denver, CO-2015

May 14-18
Fresno, California

Highlights: AMICA 2014 Convention Highlights
Forms: Registration
Website: Fresno, CA-2014
Promotion Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Wew26hcwpw
Table Favor:
A scale model of a Coinola Cupid from 1920, 7" High, 4-5/8" Wide,  3" Deep.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Andrew Barrett 

July 11-15
San Francisco, CA

Highlights: AMICA 2013 Convention Highlights
Forms: Registration
Website: SanFrancisco-2013

July 11-15
Pittsburgh, PA

Highlights: AMICA 2012 Convention Highlights
Forms: Registration
Website: Pittsburgh-2012

Aug 28-Sept 4
London, England

Highlights: AMICA 2011 Convention Highlights
Forms: Registration
Website: London-2011

2010 Buffalo, NY

Highlights: AMICA 2010 Convention Highlights
Photos: 2010-Buffalo
Forms: Registration
Website: Buffalo, NY - 2010
Convention Roll: "The Jitterbug", composed by E.Y. Harburg & Harold Arlen, played by Chris Sierzchula, edited by Tim Baxter and produced by Keystone Music Rolls. Based on a recording by Vincent Lopez
Table Favor:
A Metal bank in the shape of a standing buffalo. A plaque at the base says: "AMICA 2010  Buffalo, New York"
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Tim Baxter

July 22-26
Cincinnati, OH

Highlights: AMICA 2009 Convention Highlights
Photos: 2009-Cincinnati
Forms: Registration
Website: Cincinnati OH - 2009 
Convention Roll:
"Lauter Jubilee March" (Redgate). Original Electra 80122, punched by Leedy Bros. Music Rolls
Table Favor: A miniature "Tea Bell, 4-1/2" tall. A wooden handle is attached to the top of the bronze bell, inside is a clapper. Imprinted on the front "THE VERDIN COMPANY CINCINNATI, OHIO" on the back "SINCE 1842". Engraved on the rim in front: "AMICA 2009"
Golden "Footsie" Winner:
Julian Dyer

July 1-6
Los Angeles, CA

Highlights: AMICA 2008 Convention Highlights
Photos: 2008-Los Angeles
Forms: Registration
Website: Los Angeles-2008 
Table Favor
Replica of a 106 Wurlitzer Military Band Organ. 150+ piece hand-made Band Organ miniature that plays a band organ recording of "California, Here I Come" recorded from a Wurlitzer 105. The design was an idea by Roy Betz. A very meticulous souvenir!
Golden "Footsie" Winner:
Ronald Hartwell

July 5-20


Highlights: AMICA 2007 Convention Highlights
Photos: 2007-Germany
Forms: General Information, Registration
Table Favor: "Organ grinder" standing on a wooden platforms cranking a monkey organ attached to a cart with wheels, with music box that played "The Loreley". Made by Seigfreid Wendel and his son.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Ronald Hartwell

July 25-30

Chicago, IL

Highlights: AMICA 2006 Convention Highlights
Photos: 2006-Chicago
Forms: General Information
Convention Roll: Meliora "Windy City Blues", written/played-by Nathan Bello, c2006, produced by Timothy Baxter.
Table Favor: "Nipper" the dog, and RCA Corp. trademark. He is white, 6-1/4" tall, sitting, has black ears and a black collar.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Chris Kehoe

June 29-July 3

Minneapolis, MN

Highlights: AMICA 2005 Convention Highlights
Photos: 2005-Minneapolis
Forms: Registration
Convention Roll: QRS # CU-690:, 1. Minneapolis Moon (originally QRS 2627), 2. Foshay Tower - Washington Memorial March (Arranged by John W. Miller)
Table Favor: The table favors were unique and given over the course of the Convention. There were four: a 5-1/2 oz. Container of Minnesota-grown wild rice complete with recipes; and from the Watkins Company: a 2 oz. bottle of pure vanilla extract; and a 6 oz, can each of cinnamon and of black pepper with a black and white label: in the center a picture of the Foshay Tower with the name below it; at the top is "AMICA," on the left side "Julie 29" with the numeral 0, on the right side "July 3" with the numeral 5, at the bottom "Minneapolis, MN."
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Alex Thompson

August 4-8

Denver, CO

Highlights: AMICA 2004 Convention Highlights
Forms: Registration, Schedule
Convention Roll
: QRS #CU-688 p/b Dick Kroeckel:, 1. "Denver", 2. "Colorado" (Up With People, Inc.). Both numbers made famous by John Denver. The roll was p/b Colorado's own Dick Kroeckel and Edited by Art Reblitz
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Roger Stumfoll


Portland, OR

Highlights: AMICA 2003 Convention Highlights
Photos: 2003-Portland
Convention Roll:  PMR produced: "Rose City Rag", p/b & Composed: Nathan Bello, Edited by Table Favor: The table favor was a beige-colored coffee mug, with a large dark brown square on each side ("AM1CA 2003" in beige at the top and "PORTLAND" at the bottom of each square). Filling the mug with hot liquid causes the squares to disappear and the convention logo to appear: the word "Portland" (the letter "P" as a piano keyboard and the letter "L" as a piano roll) and a pink rose with 3 buds and green leaves to the right of the word "Portland" with "AMICA 2003" underneath
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Karl Ellison

June 26-30

Springdale, AR

Highlights: AMICA 2002 Convention Highlights
Souvenir: The favor was a wooden outhouse; a 2-holer-with lids that go up and down when the door is opened, with 3 musical movement that plays "Putting on the Ritz." The "toilet paper" is a piano music roll. Attached to the inside of the door is a top hat and cane. On the outside of the door is a cutout of the "Heart of America" logo. Above the cutout is printed: "Heart of America AMICA 2002." This very unusual favor was developed and made by Yousef and Mary Wilson.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Roger Stumfoll

February 18-25

Sydney, Australia

Highlights: AMICA 2001 Convention Highlights
Forms: Flyer
Convention Roll: 1) Happy Days Are Here Again, 2) Shepherd's Hey, 3) Waltzing Matilda, 4) Let's Take a Trip to Melbourne, 5) I Still Call Australia Home. From Mastertouch Roll Co., Sydney Australia:
Table Favor:
A hand-carved likeness of a koala bear from Australian timber.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Mike Walter

June 22-25

Sacramento, CA

Highlights: AMICA 2000 Convention Highlights
Photos: 2000-Sacramento
Convention Roll: American Ragtime Co: "Echoes from Old Sacramento", arranged and played by Richard Zimmerman. 1) "World's Fair Rag" (Harvey Babcock-1912); 2) "Whoa!" (Nellie-George Gould-1915); 3) "The Meadowlark Rag" (Rom Pitts-1916); 4) "You Are the Cause of It All" (Sidney Carter and Tom Pitts-1916); 5) "The Riveter's Rag" (Richard Coburn and Vincent Rose­1916); 6) "Polar Bear Rag" (George P.Howard-1910); 7) "Sacramento" (Andrew B. Sterling and Harry Von Tilzer-1907).
Table FavorThe table favor was a replica of a 1900­1920 steam engine - American 4-4-0. There were two engines; one in red and black with brass trim and one in blue and black with silver trim. On the roof of the cabs was a white label with the printing in black  "AMICA 2000 Sacramento."
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Julian Dyer

August 12-15

Boston, MA

Highlights: AMICA 1999 Convention Highlights
Photos: 1999-Boston
Convention Roll: QRS #CU-637: 1) "Round The Town" (Arden) p/b Arden and Lambert (Ampico 56303-D); 2) "Tea for Two" (Youmans) p/b J. L. Cook (from late QRS 2894); 3) "Old Ironsides" (Reisenfeld) p/b Addison and Leith (Duo-Art 713403)
Table Favor
: Ceramic 2-cuop Tea Pot w/ convention logo "AMICA Boston 1999" on a wooden trivet that plays "Tea for Two".  on a musical base.
Golden "Footsie" Winner:
Karl Ellison

July 8-12

Niagara Falls, Canada

Convention Roll: QRS roll CU-632; 1) "A Trip To Niagara"; 2) "Over The Rainbow / Shuffle Off To Buffalo"
Table Favor:
A large butterfly embedded in a crystal polymer paperweight.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Julian Dyer

June 11-15

Sandusky, OH

Convention Roll: QRS CEL-150; "Country Club Ragtime", by Scott Joplin, live performance by William Bolcom.
Table Favor:
A crystal and gold carousel horse mounted on a gilded base, by Liz Barnhart.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Mike Walter

June 26-30

St. Louis, MO

Table Favor: Band Organ ceramic reproduction that can be mounted on a small stand made from old organ pipes.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Shawn Fox

August 5-13

London, England, and
Oisterwijk, Holland

Convention Roll: From Perforetur: AMICAns Ahoy! Ye Olde Conventione Roll; Lyrics by William Shakespeare; Music by H.M. King Henry VIII; You'd Better Believe It! arranged by Rex Lawson, Great Britain
Table Favor:
A miniature double-decker London bus with "AMICA London 95" on the side.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Earl Scheelar

June 29-July 3

Seattle, WA

Convention Roll: QRS  roll CU-588; 1) "Rain" QRS 9628)  p/b Scott and Waters; 2) "Seattle" p/b Rudy Martin; 3) "Ferry Boat Serenade" (QRS #7271) p/b J. L. Cook.
Table Favor:
A 12-ounce cocktail glass with Seattle, the AMICA logo, and engraved 1994
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Robin Pratt

Sept. 1-6

Los Angeles, CA
second AMICA/MBSI joint Convention

Table Favor: An 8" high replica of a Seeburg KT Special with a miniature tape player playing Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" recorded from an actual KT special nickelodeon. The simulated stained glass lit up. Created by Ben Lilien.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: Eric Bernhoft

July 9-12

Chicago, IL

Convention Roll: 1) "Chicago" p/b Clyde Ridge, Aeolian # 1052; 2) "Music, Music, Music" p/b Jo Ann Castle, QRS #10533 (?)); 3) "Chicago Stomp" p/b James Blythe, Capitol #2225-10; 4) "Pianola Rag" p/b John Farrell.
Table Favor:
Small wooden model of a pianola made by Fred Plank.
Golden "Footsie" Winner: John Grant

July 25-28

New Orleans, LA

Convention Roll: QRS souvenir roll: 1) "Basin Street Blues" p/b Fats Waller #6233; 2) "When All The Saints Come Marching In" p/b J. L. Cook #3664; 3) "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans" p/b Pete Wending #2083.
Table Favor:
A folding paper Oriental fan

July 12-15

Cleveland, OH

Convention Roll: QRS souvenir roll: 1) "Tonight We Love"; 2) "Strange Music"; 3) "To Live Again", live performance by Emily Rose Schaffer.
Table Favor:
Wooden cutout base shaped like a grand piano with carved wooden letters "AMICA" attached to the top. Made by Liz and Mike Barnhart.

August 24-27

Boston, MA

Convention Roll: From Play-Rite, Inc, 1) "Fight Fiercely, Harvard"; 2) "Take me Back to Tech"; 3) "The MTA", arranged by L. Douglas Henderson (Artcraft), produced by Michael Potash.
Table Favor:
A 6" high dual-mode operation street piano music box, with a lever for changing to mandolin sound. Several tunes were available (each box played 1 tune).
Golden "Footsie" Winner: John Grant

June 22-26

San Francisco, CA

Convention Roll: QRS CU-512 on silver paper; (1) "Hello Frisco, Hello" (2) "Grizzly Bear Rag" (3) "San Francisco". No playing artist was identified on the roll.
Replica San Francisco wooden Cable Car with a wind-up musical movement playing "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"

July 22-26

Minneapolis, MN
First AMICA/MBSI joint Convention

Convention Roll: QRS CU-500, 1) Minnesota Hats Off To Thee!, 2) Hail Minnesota, 3) Hiawatha, 4) Red Wing, 5) By The Waters Of Minnetonka - no playing artist was identified on the roll.
Souvenir: Snowman marionette or whirly-gig on a stick with a musical movement inside. If you whirled the stick around, it rotated the snowman on the stick and drove the musical movement. Initially conceived by Warren Anderson, with a Regue movement playing "Winter Wonderland".

June 19-22

Philadelphia, PA (mini Convention)


July 17-21

Detroit MI

Convention Roll: QRS Souvenir roll containing seven nostalgic Automobile Tunes arranged by Bill Blodgett from rolls p/b Frank Milne, et al..
Table Favor:
A clear plastic see-through grand piano music box that plays "You Light Up My Life".

June 21-24

Kansas City, KS

Roll: QRS Convention roll: 1) "Twelfth Street Rag" p/b Cook and Martin; 2) "Kansas City Rag". Its colorful leader was designed by Tom Hellstein.
Table Favor:
Replica of a Wurlitzer Harp that plays "In the Good Old Summertime", made by Ron Connor.

July 13-17

Chicago, IL

Convention Roll: QRS roll playing 1) "Chicago Blues" p/b Hilda Myers; 2) "I'm From Chicago" (US Roll 3563); 3) "Hail Chicago" (US Roll 40446); 4) "Chicago" (QRS 2021) p/b Max Kortlander.
Table Favor:
Self-standing with a full color photo of the DeCap Dance Organ glued onto masonite, with a Reuge movement playing "Chicago".

July 1-4

Bethlehem, PA

Convention Roll: QRS roll 1) "Stardust" p/b J. L. Cook; 2) "Morning Star - a QRS Fantasy".
Table Favor: A packet of "3-11/16 x 4-1/8" beige Stationary with a print of a pianist seated at a Grand piano in the upper left-hand corner of each sheet. The favor is wrapped in clear plastic with a gold label attached on top and printed on it "AMICA International - Convention 1982, Bethlehem, PA." (thanks to Roy Beltz for providing this information)

October 1-4

Dallas, TX

Convention Roll: QRS CU-313 (1) "I Love a Piano" and (2) "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" both p/b J. Lawrence Cook.
: Large mug with the convention logo on gold and dates, showing the skyline.

June 25-29

Pasadena, CA

Convention Roll: QRS CU-265 (1) "California Here I Come" p/b J. Lawrence Cook (2) "Moonlight and Roses" p/b Harold Scott and (3) "Home in Pasadena" p/b Doug Roe.
Table Favor
: The Southern CA chapter hand-made miniature Encore banjo replicas with a small wind-up cylinder musical movement inside, made by Ben and Mary Lilien:
Miniature Banjo Music Box | Smithsonian Institution

June 29-July 3

Philadelphia, PA

Convention Roll: The QRS piano roll was "Stars and Stripes Forever", original QRS #30028.

June 22-25

Dayton, OH

Convention Roll: The QRS Convention roll as "Beautiful Ohio" p/b Frank Milne.

Sept 1-5

San Francisco, CA

Convention Roll: The QRS piano roll was "San Francisco" #6341 p/b Max Kortlander.

June 25-27

Joplin, MO

Convention Roll: The QRS piano roll was "Missouri Waltz". These rolls were boxed in red, white and blue.

June 26-29

Buffalo, NY

Convention Roll: The QRS Souvenir roll was "Shuffle Off to Buffalo". This began the tradition of QRS Music Rolls, Inc. giving a piano roll to those attending AMICA Conventions.

July 4-7

Grand Junction, CO (mini Convention)


August 8-12

Fort Worth, TX

Convention Roll: The convention souvenir piano roll as "Sandman's Frolic;", boxed by Frank Adams; perforated by Malone & Powell; composed by Ursula Dietrich-Hollinshead; arranged by J. Lawrence Cook; "Honoring the Artist's Appearance at the 1972 AMICA Convention in Los Angeles, California."

June 30-July 3

Los Angeles, CA

Table Favor: This convention began the tradition of giving table favors to attendees. There were two table favors: 1) A miniature non-playing piano roll, 4 1/8" side, made by Blanche Dilthey, and a stereo record from G.W. McKinnon (Side 1: Swiss bells, drum and wood block; Regina 27" Double Comb Disc Player; Schulmerich Carillon. Side 2: German Weber-Gradezza Piano with Pipes; German Weber-Brabo with Zylophone. These selections were recorded at the Olde Tyme Musical Museum in Orlando, Florida)


None this year

None this year

August 28-30

San Francisco, CA



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