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Membership Benefits: 

   AMICA members receive the AMICA Bulletin, our journal of mechanical music, and a printed Membership Directory. Members also have the opportunity to meet others who share their interests through
Annual Conventions, and membership in Local Chapters
where they can attend meetings and meet mechanical music enthusiasts in their own region.

Local Chapters
   Besides AMICA membership generally, there are local chapters throughout the United States that you can also join. Chapters meet periodically, usually a few times or more per year. Meetings take place in member's homes and local venues of interest. Usually there's a small additional chapter membership fee per household to help fund meetings. If you have a passion for automated musical instruments, whether you own any or not, and you are interested in joining a local chapter, you're encouraged to contact the Chapter Officers in your area to find out when/where their next meeting will be: you can usually attend as a guest first too, to see what it's like. You will meet other friendly people who share this common interest in automatic musical instruments! For a preview, here is a link to Chapter Activities, Fall 2020. For more information on Local Chapters, click here. Before joining a local Chapter, you must first be a member of AMICA International.

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Student memberships are for younger people attending school, and not adults taking an enrichment class, etc...

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Support AMICA
for considering a donation to AMICA, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization
AMICA continues strong as exident by its stable membership, succesful conventions, local chapter participation, and high quality periodical - the AMICA Bulletin. We are committed to digitizing and catalogging a complete archive of publications, periodicals, related to automated mechanical musical instruments. We have and continue to add to our large collection of MIDI files. All of these and more is available to our members from the Members-Only link on our website. While membership dues help support these efforts, we like every other organization are always challenged by rising costs. Please consider donating to our organization to help to additionally support these efforts and goals.

"Player-Piano level" ........ $100 - $249
"Nickelodeon level" ........ $250 - $499
"Orchestrion  level" ........ $500 - $999
"Band Organ level" .............. $1000 +

Or any amount of your choosing is graciously accepted!

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